The power of choices – the choice you make today will make your tomorrow

Hello, everyone I am back with my another blog today we are going to talk about how a career and the choices we make are important and how we can make that journey a Little bit interesting.
We all know that a career plays a very important role in our life there may be things you know about and you may not know but building a good career is a major decision in everyone’s life

Life is a roller coaster of opportunities if you grab them then you already at a good pace with yourself. Opportunities come and go but the people who make good use of the opportunity there are already in a good space, many time we make wrong choices and do regret for them but it is ok to make the wrong choices because it’s the wrong choices that take us to the right path.

Nobody knows what going to happen the very next moment but having a proper goal and focus is helpful in your career building.
There are so many things to learn when we look around and see people are building themselves and building their skills which plays a very important role in today’s competitive world.

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The 20’s and building habits.

The ’20s is a crucial age isn’t it where we lose friends, learn about ourselves learn about what is wrong and right about life, about people and so many things too

But also ’20s is an age where the real hustle of life begins where you understand the real meaning of your life and your goals and aim.

Many often we keep thinking that it’s us who make the future and who can change it but we don’t know how to change?  How to take the first step? And we end up thinking only but, there is always the solution hides in ourselves, you have heard so many times that you and only you can change your life by building good habits maybe all of us laugh at it first and ignored it but as we all know that
Truth is always gets ignored.

This is an age where building habits can take you towards your success, I am here talking about small habits that can change your life,  healthy habits, you and I keep ignoring the facts but these facts, these habits play a very big role in building our life.

Small habits like waking up early in the morning, drinking water, stretching your body, making your bed, feeling the sun, making your tea or coffee, reading, keeping positive news around, daily practising something you love, exercise, focusing on your health, cleaning your room and so no. I will keep writing and you will keep reading but these are just examples you’re the creator of your habit. Trust me when you start taking care of yourself and start building your habits you have already won the half race, it makes you feel accomplished and complete in yourself, isn’t it stupid that the small habit plays the biggest role in our lives and Healthy Habits that gives you mental peace.

Don’t wait for tomorrow because there is no tomorrow, start today and see how it changes you and your thinking no one can do it for you go and do it yourself it’s never too late. Make your 20’s all about yourself.

You think you become

In life you meet so many people and every person you meet has a different way of thinking and that’s why our world is not so peaceful place I guess.

I have learned one thing in my teens that the way you think about yourself and about your life the same thing the world will give you. You meet so many people on daily basis some just keep thinking like What to do? How to do ? And so on and then there are some who don’t think much and just do what they feel they should do , and in this case I’m the first one for sure .

I was the first one I have changed now because slowly I realised that the way you think will lead your life . Sitting and thinking to start a business will not make it work but taking a step forward and trying to do atleast something can make miracles.
Same happens with me this is just my beginning and to just think of doing something won’t make it work it’s a bad idea instead take a step forward and just do it. That’s when you will achieve your dreams that’s when you will achieve yourself more than anything you will achieve happiness that at least you tried .

Take a step forward and you will see miracles 💫

You become what you think and you should think in such a way that the things that are fearful to you seems easy when you give it a try .To make your life worth ful you need to make your thinking powerful.
At last we all are humans and have to go there ups and downs in life but what’s hold you up and make you a real human being is the way you think about particular situation and the way you react to it and that’s what matters your. Thinking and then your Actions.

As Bruce Lee said,
“As you think so shall , you become”

Change the way you think about yourself the world needs more peace .

Also share my first blog with everyone you know . Have a good day 💓 ~ Riddhi Joshi